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Who we are and why we picked Cantobre


We are a group of families of different nationalities who own a number of houses in Cantobre; we have been in Cantobre for up to 30 years. We all fell in love with Cantobre and its amazing surroundings and we now wish to offer other people a chance to experience the beauty of the area by letting out some of our homes.

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Easy to Find

Explore the region from one central point.


Cantobre is only 20 minutes from the A75 and 25 minutes from Millau, and only an hour from the coast of the French Riviera. Only 20km from the world’s largest wine region of Languedoc. Cantobre is your ideal location to explore the histories and mysteries of Southern France. If you wish to travel further afield then the Basque region and Spain is only a fews hours drive away.

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Attention to detail

We will make sure you get a warm welcome.


Arriving after a long days’ travel can be exhausting and so if you wish we can arrange for a selection of groceries to be placed within your holiday home when you arrive, provide assistance and help in organising transport from regional hotels or information on local events, bicycle hire and a host of local activities.

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What is Cantobre?


On the western edge of the Cevennes National Park at the junction of the Dourbie and Trevezel rivers stands Cantobre built on the site of a 12th century Castle. The south-facing village is situated some 580 meters above sea level, which gives it clear hot sunny days with cooler pleasant evenings.

The castle was destroyed during the religious wars of the 17th century and the present village has evolved over the centuries as a home for the peasants who worked the terraced hillsides and in the local small mines. The village suffered in the middle of the last century from de-population brought about by the end of mining and the general movement from countryside to town.

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Carol & Derrick Wild
Address: Cantobre,
12230 Nant, France
Phone: (0033) 0565587997
Email: derrick.wild@wanadoo.fr

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